About us

We live in Tricity/Poland.
We work globally.
We create great commercials.

What excactly do we do?

They call it many names:
TV commercials, ads, clips, videos: promotional, Internet, corporate, educational, recruitment, videoclips, virals, explainer videos, documentaries, animations, motion graphics, video marketing...

...and we do it all but we simply call it... film.

What does film mean to us?
Film is ravishing story and unforgettable emotions.
So we don’t categorize.
We simply create films.

We worked for...

... and many, many more

Get to know Kalina's team

Here are the most important people in Kalina.

Matt Jemioł


Matt supervises production of every project in WF Kalina. He arranges and organizes, he keeps the books and manages deadlines. His work is what guarantees 100% satisfaction of our clients.

Tom Zasada


Tom is mainly responsible for how our productions look. He is the brain of every major production in Kalina. On the set - Director of Photography, often as a Director.


We have wide range of filming and video equipment:
starting with cameras and accessories to lights and grips. We will be happy to co-produce or rent.

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Don’t be worry, it won’t be expensive :)